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Welcome clients, friends, and other curious people who happen upon this page wondering what in the world can a CPA firm put in a blog! I'm not sure there is a clear answer to that question yet but time will tell! We started down this path of developing a website initially to "keep up with the Jones'". It has gotten to be pretty common to find CPA firms of all sizes with websites. We didn't want to be judged negatively for not having one. After having started this process we may be seeing the light! Instead of keeping up with the Jones', we believe and hope the website can be another tool for improving our service to clients. In addition to being an accessible method of displaying who we are and what we do, this blog, in particular, may be a way to communicate information, thoughts, and opinions which supplement other information found in our website.

Creating this website has been a challenging experience in that it has forced us to focus on what we do and how we serve business and individual clients. We may think about those concepts regularly, but actually putting them down in writing and letting the world see and evaluate it makes it more of a commitment. After the idea of having a blog was suggested, our professional staff quickly went into hiding! Over time, however, I think they can be coaxed into sharing some of their thoughts and expertise as each and every one has a great deal of experience and expertise to offer. We wish you the best in this holiday season which is now upon us. Wasn't it just August? Stay tuned...

Sincere Regards,

Buckner A. Harris

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